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Johannes Bouchain, Dipl.-Ing. Urban Planning
Stadtkreation is a Hamburg-based planning and design office.

Fields of work

Our fields of work are urban design/urban planning, sustainable mobility planning, cartography/GIS, communication/design/web development, and moderation/participation.


Within our versatile projects, we benefit from a large treasure of experiences, and we are always looking forward to new challenges within our fields of work.

Current News

03.11.2016: The co-creative website is now online. Relized using the co-creative "Nextsixteen" Wordpress theme, formerly developed for urbanista.

26.10.2016: The new web presentation for Nextzuerich has been published today. Realized using the "Nextsixteen" Worpress theme, developed by Stadtkreation for urbanista.

10.09.2016: Online since today: The voting tool for "Deine Geest" project, used to vote for citizen projects to be funded in the east of Hamburg. Realized for urbanista.

02.09.2016: Online since September 2016: The new website for, realized by Stadtkreation. Design: Wolfgang Scholz. Logo: Ateliers Brömme.

21.07.2016: The website for Sozialen Stadt Moisling ("Social City Moisling" for Moisling district, city of Lubeck) is now online. Realized by Stadtkreation in co-operation with TOLLERORT - entwickeln & beteiligen.

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