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Johannes Bouchain, Dipl.-Ing. Urban Planning
Stadtkreation is a Hamburg-based planning and design office.

Fields of work

Our fields of work are urban design/urban planning, sustainable mobility planning, cartography/GIS, communication/design/web development, and moderation/participation.


Within our versatile projects, we benefit from a large treasure of experiences, and we are always looking forward to new challenges within our fields of work.

Current News

14.06.2016: The project website for Hamelin 2030 is online since a few days. Now including a crowdsourcing module that was realized in charge of urbanista.

10.06.2016: Stadtkreation travelled to southern Germany and Switzerland for a lecture and networking trip from end of May until beginning of June 2016. Lectures were held in Ammersee region (for urbanista) and at ETH Zurich (together with Nextz├╝rich). Also, an exchange with WIRfel and K-Zeug projects in Munich and with Frieder Hartung planning office in Stuttgart were part of the trip (including the participation in th 3rd Stuttgart citizens' breakfast together with Salz & Suppe project).

28.05.2016: The Stadtkreation website has been re-structured concerning the contents. There are new sections for working fields, tools, and partners. But there are other changes as well. Subscribe to our RSS feed to always get our current news just in time. Also, the design has been slightly modified.

26.05.2016: Stadtkreation realized the new website for Forum Pergolenviertel in charge of konsalt GmbH.

23.05.2016: konsalt GmbH has been charged with the participatory process for ISEK Flensburg (integrated urban development concept), called "Perspectives for Flensburg". Stadtkreation designed exhibition posters, flyer and logo - in close co-operation with konsalt team. More information about "Perspectives for Flensburg".

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